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Customer Lifecycle & Retention Strategist

Rosebery, New South WalesFull-time
About the Job
We are looking for a data-driven marketer to focus on the success and growth of our existing subscribers. You will be our customers’ biggest fan internally and ensure operations, technology and campaigns boost adoption and retention.

The role is based in Rosebery and will be reporting to the CEO & COO. You will be responsible for using a strategic, collaborative and data-backed approach to extend our subscriber base and strive for success.

Responsible for Upsell, Retention & Churn reduction, you will be at home with LTV’s, CPA’s and Cohort Analysis as a starting point. You will build upon the success of the business by extending the time our subscribers maintain their subscription and increasing the shopping basket size through innovative strategies in onboarding and regular communication. You won’t be afraid to pick up the phone and talk with customers to understand their pain points, as well as use data to build upon your hypothesis. Are you ready to take on the career opportunity of a lifetime?

What key responsibilities does this role have @ Liquor Loot?

  • Plan and execute the marketing strategy focused on product adoption and overall success of our existing customers.
  • Measure the success of these campaigns and optimize your approach based on the resulting data.
  • Educate our customer base about our products and their benefits through customer newsletters, customer-focused content, social media monitoring, and more.
  • Master the LTV / CPA ratio to ensure cost-effective customer acquisition, across multiple channels and product mixes. 
  • Implement organizational change based on what the data tells us about customer LTV.
  • Develop corporate KPIs that are automated, scalable and repeatable.
  • Use predictive analytics to make predictions about future campaigns and strategies.
  • Plan and execute different communication and servicing strategies to increase retention for your most wanted customers, and identify opportunities to reduce non-converting leads.
  • Plan and execute new subscription functionality that extends life-time-value.
  • Advocate internally that all teams solve for the customer -- you are their biggest fans within the company and understand that their success and happiness mean our success and happiness!

Ideal background...
  • A data-driven approach to decision making and problem-solving.
  • Superior verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to prioritize and handle multiple projects at any given time while maintaining a commitment to quality and deadlines.
  • A strong academic background (PhD or Masters) in a highly relevant discipline Computer Science, Data Science, Statistics, Engineering etc. 
  • Commercial exposure to working in Data Science building a range of complex models relating to customer marketing strategy (Acquisition, retention, growth, cross-sell, churn), customer segmentation, next best action decision engines and campaign analytics.
  • Strong stakeholder engagement and relationship management skills.
  • Strong technical ability to manage, manipulate and automate the production of complex data sets in a true big data environment, leveraging skills in Hadoop, Spark, Scala, R, Python/PySpark and SQL.
  • A strong appreciation of a range of Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistical Modelling techniques that may include; Gradient Boosting / XGBoost, Neural Networks,  Recommendation / Decision / Scoring Engines, Predictive Modelling, Linear/Logistic Regression, Attribution Modelling, Customer Segmentation, Unsupervised & Supervised Learning, Bayesian Statistics, Principal Component Analysis, etc.

Sounds like you’d be a good fit? Well check out what we provide our passionate people:
  • An organization that is experiencing incredible growth.
  • An organization with an entrepreneurial mindset and fast-paced environment.
  • Coffee on Cue Beans, spirits on-demand and at-cost whisky & gin for staff.
  • Parking on-site (first-in, first-served).
  • A flexible work from home policy and casual work environment.

About Liquor Loot: 
Back in 2017, Whisky Loot set out to shake up Australia’s online Whisky Market. We’ve come a long way since!

We’ve become one of the country’s top eCommerce players, with a proven track record of growth, a world-class digital platform and second to none customer experience offering. Behind the scenes, we’re a world-class team of creatives, strategists and innovators, and we’re on the hunt for like-minded people to jump on board.

At Liquor Loot, we do things a little differently - which means we expect a lot from our employees! We want people that bring great energy, that have a long-game focus and are always curious to find new angles and approaches to the way we work. We don’t play by the rules. We push boundaries. We think big. We stay curious and driven. Together, we embrace challenges and learn new things. All this, for one purpose to provide our customers with an amazing experience that supports the distillery industry.

If this sounds like an ideal fit for you, we can’t wait to meet you and look forward to your application.